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What is Mouse4coM?

MOUSE4Com is a project for the 9200 Communicator series. These devices are more than normal cellphones -
they are little laptops. Well, there's still no CD-Rom, Floppy or external HDD but this device has memory
which can be expanded by MMC (MultiMediaCard, buy at SanDisk. Even RAM is built-in! Only 8MB
SDRAM but for this device it's enough. All is built-in:

  • 4096 (12 bit) color LCD
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Cellphone
  • IrDA interface
  • Hardware modem
  • serial interface
  • Hands-free speaker
  • Java enabled OS
  • Web, WAP, Email client
  • Cursor keys which can control a virtual cursor

  • A cursor driven by keys? Where are we from? 1960? We are in the 21th. century and not in the 60s!
    Sure, those keys make the device more portably but I would prefer a real mouse. And, I guess, some
    of you would also. So, I founded this project....

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    Hey, nice, but....

    ...but? I'll try to create a FAQ on this place but till then I'll answer your questions personally.
    Here is my e-mail adress @sourceforge.net:sk8ter@users.sourceforge.net

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    The idea

    Ok, you may have noticed that the 92xx Communicators include a real serial port. The socket is not RS-232 but the port
    is a real serial port. This enables us to connect a serial mouse.I don't know if the power is either send by the 92xx
    or a external battery is needed.
    The 2nd case wouldrequire some technical skills.
    If you havesome knowledgeabout theRS-232 Protocol,Mice in generaland/orJava, C++ or Cyou may
    drop me a line. I know, I am repeating;-)

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    What we'd need !!!

    Well, currently, we would need you if have some skills in C, C++ or Java
    you maydrop me a line. If you do not have such skills, like me, you
    may also do some non-programming work, e.g. designing graphics, translating DOCS, testing, .... you see:

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    The current Hardware is neither approved nor tested! It's a total pre-release.
    There'll be some testing but not now. Please find the schematic, board layout and some files for Eagleto download here.
    You may build such a board but I don't recommened this to you because then you'd be the first tester.

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    there's much more than programming

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